Spiritual Meaning:
A bag spiritually signifies the secret, the hidden and the occult. Long known as a symbol of femininity because of its association with the womb, it can also suggest intuitive wisdom. Occasionally it will suggest the elements of wind and air.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
Depending on the actual bag (e. g. a handbag, a shopping bag) and what is in it, we are probably hiding certain aspects of ourselves from public consideration. To be emptying a bag suggests that we are attempting to get rid of old concepts or ideas or other aspects which may be holding us back. To have lost a bag signifies that we have temporarily suppressed certain character traits.

Everyday Material Aspects:
You may be having problems with the more feminine elements in your identity such as compassion or nurturing. There is an ability to use the social graces to achieve, and to cope with whatever occurs. A torn or broken bag may alert you to a health problem or to there being too much to deal with.

Gender / Specific Meanings:
Whereas previously men carrying bags were seen as effeminate, this is no longer the case, so in dreams a man carrying a bag can symbolize his attitude to his responsibilities. In a woman’s dream a bag is more likely to represent her inner feelings.