Spiritual Meaning:

Magically, a broom is a witch’s implement. In dreams, brooms and brushes can have a similar meaning in that they clear a spiritual space of negativity in preparation for changes to be made.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
The idea of clearing or cleansing is as important on a psychological level as it is on the spiritual. Clearing away outmoded beliefs or habits is an important part of progression.

Everyday Material Aspects:
On a mundane level, the proverbs associated with brooms and brushes – ‘a new broom sweeps clean’etc. – show us the actions that are necessary to make workaday life easier.

Gender / Specific Meanings:
Brooms and brushes have largely given way to technological advances. In dreams, however, they still retain their old significance. In a man’s dream, a broom may suggest ordinary, mundane tasks, whereas in a woman’s dream it may suggest control over her environment.