Spiritual Meaning:
The presence of a doctor in dreams suggests the appearance of the healer within. We each have within us an aspect of spiritual knowledge, which is capable of reminding the physical body of its right to be well.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
It will depend what sort of doctor appears in our dream as to the correct interpretation. A surgeon would suggest the need to cut something out of our lives. A physician would indicate that careful consideration should be given to our general state, whereas a psychiatrist or psychologist signifies the need to look at our mental state. If the doctor is known to us he may stand as an authority figure.

Everyday Material Aspects:
When we dream of a doctor we are aware that we need to give way to a higher authority in health matters. For older people the doctor may also represent the professional classes.

Gender / Specific Meanings:
By and large a woman will tend to dream of the doctor as masculine, and a man the opposite. Only when the Shadow – the repressed parts of our personality – is understood will true healing take place.

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