Spiritual Meaning:
Spiritually the labyrinth experience marks a watershed. It is a symbol for the transition stage between the physical, practical world and a deeper understanding of all mankind. The route in one type of labyrinth is ‘unicursal’– that is, it goes by a straightforward route, which covers maximum ground straight to the centre and out again. The second type is designed with the intention to confuse, and has many blind alleys and unexpected twists. This can represent spiritual progress in dreams, through having to work out the key or code. Many trials and tribulations are met and overcome or negotiated on the path to attainment and the labyrinth may be a recurring image. Each individual will undertake his or her own route to the centre of his existence.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
Psychologically, in undertaking our own life journey, we must at some point go through a form of labyrinth experience. It is undertaken at a point when we must travel into the differing areas of our subconscious and come to terms with our fears and doubts, before confronting our own Shadow.

Everyday Material Aspects:
On a purely practical level, the labyrinth appearing in dreams signifies the need to explore the hidden side of our own personality. With its many twists, turns and potential blind alleys when it is not unicursal, it is a very potent representation of the human being.

Gender / Specific Meanings:
In dreams the labyrinth can be suggested by any dream that has us exploring a series of underground passages. It is held by some to be an exploration of the hidden feminine, whether in the sense of Sophia (eternal wisdom) or the Anima in men.

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