Spiritual Meaning:
Spiritually, wages can represent recompense for our actions and the reward we so richly deserve coming our way after all our hard work. Initially, wages were paid for work already done, whereas salary was initially an allowance to buy salt in advance – a basic commodity.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
Most actions we take have a result. Often when we are doing something that we do not want to do – or that we do not enjoy – the only pay-off is in the wages we receive. To dream of wages may signify that this is all we can expect from a situation in everyday life. In dreams, we tend to think of wages as a short-term payment and salary as long-term reward.

Everyday Material Aspects:
Wages are normally paid in exchange for work done. In dreams, to be receiving wages signifies that we have done a good job. To be paying somebody wages implies that we feel we have to pay for services rendered. To receive a wage packet suggests that our value is tied up with other things such as loyalty and duty. To receive a salary in dreams suggests an element of trust between ourselves and our employers in waking life.