Zebra – this animal has much the same significance as the horse, but with the additional meaning of balancing the negative and the positive in a very dynamic way. To dream of a zebra, denotes that you will be interested in varying and fleeting enterprises. To see one wild in his native country, foretells that you will pursue a chimerical fancy which will return you unsatisfactory pleasure upon possession.

Spiritual Meaning:
You are focusing on ideas of right and wrong, the attraction of opposites, or two distinctly different roles in yourself. You are seeking balance, unity, and harmony.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
You feel too exposed when out in the open. You feel too caught in conflict or struggle. A zebra, or any black and white animal, symbolizes the need for integration of the dark and light, good and evil.

Everyday Material Aspects:
You are focusing on how to camouflage yourself in an environment where you stand out too much because of polarized beliefs or actions.