Spiritual Meaning:
A zip fastener symbolizes spiritual connections and the interlocking of the physical and spiritual realms. In technology, a zip drive is an efficient means of storing information and can therefore represent the Akashic Records – all of life’s vicissitudes. You are focusing on ideas that are sexually exciting, or that connect two separate realms of thought. You are in a process of deconstructing ideas or creating new understanding.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
Psychologically, we are capable of being either open or closed to our friends and family. Often a zip can highlight this in a dream. If clothes are unzipped, you are experiencing a loss of control or feeling of exposure in your life.

Everyday Material Aspects:
A zip appearing in a dream may indicate our ability – or difficulty – in maintaining relationships with other people. A stuck zip suggests a difficulty in keeping our dignity in an awkward situation. As computers themselves become more efficient, a zip drive in dreams can symbolize our working environment. You are focusing on quick action, closure to a situation, or the need to be quiet, “zip your lip.” A stuck zipper indicates a frustrating situation that must be untangled.