Everyday Material Aspects:
You’re focusing on the journey of life, your direction, and how you reach your goals. The kind of road indicates your current process. A straight, flat, well-marked road means you’re going in the right direction, moving directly to your goals. A twisty, bumpy, muddy, unpaved, impassable, or steep road means you are struggling or uncertain. If you’re on a superhighway, you are going fast, or too fast.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
A roadblock means you feel stuck, held back, or checked up on by someone in authority. Being stranded means you feel unsupported and isolated. Running off the road means you must pay attention and be more responsible for your success.

Spiritual Meaning:
You are focusing on your destination or life purpose, and on how you make the journey. You need to pay attention to the quality and details of the process as well as end results.